The United Stations of Manchester
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One song  . . .
One artist . . .
One month . . .
6 Independent Radio Shows
We are The United Stations of Manchester
The independent, underground radio shows that champion new music and dismiss the corporate mainstream have United to form The United Stations of Manchester. They will pick one song by one artist and play that song on every radio show for a month. We are going to give as much exposure to the hardworking artists that we feel are deserving of more recognition.  We’re going to get them that . . . . We are the United Stations of Manchester.
To get in touch with the 6 radio presenters of the USM email:
Jason Cooke from The Breakfast of Champions on ALL FM 96.9
Denis Ferrige from The Big Slice Radio Show on FAB Radio International
Billy Seagrave from Sound & Vision on seagrave
Zac Peach & Paul Sewell from Unsigned Sealed & Delivered on Salford City FM
Steve O’Mara from The Toast of Manchester on North Manchester FM 106.6
Lucy Robinson from Afternoons with Lucy on Bolton FM 96.5