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From the brainchild of Paul Owen an ex-soldier returning home and craving even more live music in Manchester came ‘The Slice of Nice’ acoustic afternoon. Joining forces with old pal Denis Ferrige and his compardre Dave Ord then came ‘The Big Slice’ and before you know it they were firing on all cylinders and Den’s podcast became The Big Slice Radio Show. Forging bonds with an incredible wealth of artists and talent such as Mr Billy Seagrave a gifted artist behind the lens, Graeme McMillan and Jordan Bolton extremely talented designers. They have given the music lovers and makers a credible platform and a welcoming scene and their reputation for the music they feature is growing and growing at a very respectable rate.

This blog is going keep you up to date with how the dream of a few music lovers in Manchester hopefully becomes something beautiful, independent, exciting and a gift for their fellow music lovers all over the world.

Watch this space. X

3 thoughts on “The Big Slice Blog!

  1. This is also a comment…

    Looking forward to coming over to play The Big Slice next weekend! We really like what you boys have created and are impressed with the amount of hard graft you’re putting in!

    Cheers from The Villainy!

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