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After presenting their radio show for over a year and a half and consistently moaning that a 1 hour show was not long enough. Co-presenters Denis Ferrige and Paul Owen have managed to wangle a two hour slot on FAB Radio International (Europes largest internet radio station).

Their show will swop from Saturday afternoons 2-3 pm to Monday nights 9-11pm. And this will mean that a lot of their regular features that often get missed out due to them cramming in interviews and live performances will now feature every week. 

Their regular features include:
A Slice of Something Nice (acoustic)
Under The Radar (cult that may have passed you by)
Slice of Great British Rock N Roll
Let’s Get Dirty (dirty guitar riffage)
A Little Moment of. . . (a random genre of music)
The United Stations of Manchester

So it’ll be an even larger slice of cake for your ears. X

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