The music world has changed and we now live in a world of international mass media saturation where any music you can think of is only a click away and costs nothing, however the experience of a live performance can never be digitally replicated.  The sweat on the venue’s ceiling, the growl of a guitar, the smash of the cymbals, rumble of bass and a singer only feet away from you pouring out heartfelt lyrics is still something to be sought out and cherished.
In a city with a world renown reputation for music there are many pretenders but there is only one group of gig going music lovers bringing to the stage the very best of the artistically adept, the dirty and the clean, the quirky and the cool and the weird and wonderful in music and they are shouting about it from the rafters and the digital rooftops to the people of the city they love.
The Big Slice have created the perfect night for the music lovers of Manchester and they put on at least 4 bands of such a high standard the gig goers are sure to appreciate, if not fall in love with them.   Then to end the night they finish with The Motor City Disco a club night of a style that has a long history in Manchester for Motown, Soul, Northern Soul and Rock N Roll.  Some of the best records ever made by James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Martha Reeves, Jackie Wilson, Marvin Gaye etc. It’ll rock you, roll you & sixties soul you.  Let’s not forget all this is served up with a big slice of free cake.

The best night out in Manchester


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